Common Questions

What Do I Say?

Make sure to include as many details as possible! Describe exactly what you are looking for - from the color to the size. Let me know if you need it by a certain date too!

Shape Options?

I have many different molds available to help create the perfect design. If you have Instagram, you can check out all of the options in my Highlight. If you don't, simply send me an inspiration photo of what design concept you have! You can send as many as you find.

What about the colors?

You can ask for as many color variations as you'd like! Each piece of your design can have different elements, colors or additives. From flowers to pebbles or even glitter, we can put almost anything in resin. The colors can be as vibrant or as pastel as you would like! Send me a color palette that way I can match what you need perfectly!

Is it more expensive?

Absolutely not! The process of creating them would be the same. I'm just taking you along for the ride with the custom creations! There is no extra charge for making a custom item.

Let's Get Creative!