I thrive in my creative place and love making unique items. I strive in producing quality items with personalized detail. Scroll through my collections or create a custom order...anything is possible!

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Custom Creations

If you need something specific made for an event, occasion, to match an outfit...whatever your vision is let me know! I can work with you to help that vision come to life with your very own custom earrings or hair clips.

Lets Create!
  • Coconut Face Mist

    The benefits of coconut water are endless. You will feel cleansed while noticing a balanced skin complexion. Adding those essential oils to the mix creates an ultimate power house.

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  • Rose Water Mist

    Contains pure rose water made right from home! You may notice the color is much more pigmented - because it isn't so diluted with other ingredients! Shop to learn more!

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  • Aloe Vera Mist

    This face mist is made with pure aloe water. It helps soothe and heal irritated skin, redness and burns. With the mixture of essential oils, the healing benefits to this spray are simply amazing!

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  • Special Combo

    Not sure what kind of spray you should get? Maybe you are stuck between two or all three? Then this is the option for you! Contact me about what combo you'd like to make!

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